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Container Terminal Management System (CTMS) – JCT/UCT

The Contract agreements were signed in 2008, between Access International (Pvt) Ltd, the local counterpart for Zebra Enterprise Solutions, headquartered in Oakland USA and the Sri Lanka Ports Authority for implementing a Container Terminal Management System (CTMS) for JCT and the UCT. As a result, SLPA replaced its age-old Terminal Operating System at JCT and UCT with Navis™ SPARCS ver. 3.10 and Navis™ EXPRESS ver. 2.9 in May, 2009.  
Covering both JCT and the UCT, to offer synergetic benefits to SLPA’s clientele, this multi-million-rupee-worth system signifies a major landmark in SLPA’s development endeavors to keep up with the global trend and to rise as a “Superior service e-Port”. While moving ahead with its corporate strategy to capture the container volume growth in the region, the SLPA also anticipates by this initiative to convert its internal operational capabilities to criteria that may lead to competitive advantage and market success. This investment that the SLPA is making in information and communications technology will mean better service for its valued customers, greater efficiency in the yard and increased productivity.          
The SLPA can now boast of the latest online and real-time CTMS in the world which includes a DGPS (Differential Global Positioning System)-based PDS (Position Detection System) solution (to be implemented in March, 2010) for container tracking, an active Tag network for container movement with Gate control, a terminal-wide handheld and vehicular-mounted wireless network and a state-of-the-art web-based Terminal Operating System based on the Port Community concept which has now been the desideratum in the most modern ports worldwide

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