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Chairmen Sri Lanka Ports Authority

Mr. Dammika Ranathunga


chairman port authority

Dammika Ranatunga was born on 12th October 1962 and completed his school education at Ananda College, Colombo, a premier boys’ school in Sri Lanka. 

Commencing his work carrier as a Training Computer Programmer in 1981, he was promoted as a Programmer, and a Systems Analyst at Stafford Computer Systems. Later he changed the carrier path and joined Singer Sri Lanka Ltd as a Junior Manager and was promoted to middle management. 

He functioned as the first Chief Executive of the Board of Control for Cricket in Sri Lanka (BCCSL) from 1996 – 2001. During his tenure he spearheaded the development of the Corporate Strategic Plan, which focused on transforming the BCCSL a result oriented organization. 

He was a board member of the International Cricket Council from 1996 to 1997, a member of the Cricket Committee – Management of the International Cricket Council from 1996 – 2001 and a Member of the Special Committee, Asian Cricket Council from 1997 - 2001.

During his stay in the USA, Ranatunga worked in several private companies as Internet Sales Consultant, E-Commerce Director and Sales & E-Commerce Director respectively from 2001-2013. 

He has taken it upon himself, to spearhead the initiative to improve and enhance all aspects of operations of the port to achieve a level of efficiency and excellence whereby our port gains international recognition as being THE HUB PORT IN ASIA. The end objective of this is, to open the flood gates bringing in much needed foreign exchange into our country, in a way that has never been super ceded before, to strengthen our country 's economic stability within the South East Asian region. 

To get there, he has focused his attention to the introduction of innovative and futuristic state of the art technology to transform modern terminals to generate optimum productivity, uplift and uphold the human capital as being an integral, inseparable and irreplaceable contributor towards reaching our goal. Lastly, but by no means the least, support the knowledge HUB concept by producing dedicated skilled employees in the port sector, to showcase our performance, and work towards creative development in a worker friendly environment for the benefit of all concerned.

Ranatunga is an all-round sportsman excellent in cricket and athletics. He has played for the Sri Lanka National Team at Test and One Day levels.

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