Berthing Programme


Electrical equipment

Tender No. Description Bid Security Amount
Closing Date and Time
CES/FP/04/SQ/5633(EL I) 100 Nos. Friction Pads for Elevators of STS Cranes at JCT 12,000.00 16/05/2017 10.00hrs.

Mechanical Equipment

Tender No Description Bid Security Amount
Closing Date
CES/FP/02/SQ/5616(MP) Trolley Rail for ZPMC 50T STS Crane at JCT 10,000.00 18/04/2017 10.00hrs.
CES/FP/08/SQ/5620(EL I) Semiconductor Fuse for Inverter of UCT RTG 7,000.00 25/04/2017 10.00hrs.
CES/FP/04/PT/5600(MP) Spares for 40T Caterpillar V900 Top Lift Trucks 40,000.00 27/04/2017 10.00hrs.
CES/FP/05/PT/5597(MP) Travelling Chain for ZPMC RTG Cranes 50,000.00 27/04/2017 10.00hrs.
CES/FP/04/PT/5603(MP) Spares for Mitsubishi/Caterpillar DP25/FD25 Fork Lift Trucks 40,000.00 02/05/2017 10.00hrs.
CES/FP/05/PT/5609(MP) Refurbishment of Safety Devices of Alimak Elevators at JCT 30,000.00 02/05/2017 10.00hrs.
CES/FP/08/PT/5615(MP) Spares for Transmissions of 2.5T Hangcha CPCD25N-RW-15 Fork Lift Trcks 25,000.00 04/05/2017 10.00hrs.
CES/FP/03/PT/5607(MP) 32 Nos. Head Block Twist Locks of 41T Mitsui Ship to Shore Cranes at JCT 30,000.00 04/05/2017 10.00hrs.
CES/FP/08/PT/5605(MP) Spares for Allison HD 4060 Transmission Fitted with UD Nissan Prime Movers 20,000.00 09/05/2017 10.00hrs.
CES/FP/08/PT/5602(MP) 02 Nos. Wire Ropes of 0 28mm x 230m 30,000.00 09/05/2017 10.00hrs.

Other Materials & Equipment

File Number Description Bid Amount (Rs.) Closing Date and Time


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