Berthing Programme


Electrical equipment

Tender No. Description Bid Security Amount
Closing Date and Time
CES/FP/03/SQ/5642(EL I) Pulse Generators for ZPMC Yard Cranes at JCT 15,000.00 01/06/2017 10.00hrs.
CES/FP/03/SQ/5647(EL II) Conventional Type Smoke Detectors and Bases for the Fire Detection Systems of Vessels   20/06/2017 10.00hrs.
CES/FP/02/SQ/5646(EL II) Actuator Control Card for DYNC Actuator 6,000.00 20/06/2017 10.00hrs.
CES/FP/04/SQ/5648(EL II) Proximity Switches for the TSHD Hansakawa and Diyakowulla 5,000.00 20/06/2017 10.00hrs.

Mechanical Equipment

Tender No Description Bid Security Amount
Closing Date

Other Materials & Equipment

File Number Description Bid Amount (Rs.) Closing Date and Time


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